VCA President - Chef Nancy Geddes
Congratulations Chef Nancy Geddes

VCA President Nancy Geddes Inducted into the ACF's American Academy of Chefs

July 12, 2017

The Virginia Chefs Association's leadership team hopes everyone had a happy and safe Independence Day. As we are in the middle of what presumably is the busiest time of the year, we'd like to just stop, and take a moment to recognize our President, Chef Nancy L. Geddes, C.E.C, A.A.C., C.D.M., C.F.P.P. This week she was officially inducted into the American Culinary Federation's American Academy of Chefs. We would like to congratulate you, Chef Nancy, on such a momentous achievement.

For those of you not familiar with the American Academy of Chefs, it is an honor society the American Culinary Federation created to distinguish its' most accomplished Chefs within our organization. There are seven mandatory requirements, and then a chef has to complete 10-22 elective attainable goals. This is no easy task and takes a minimum of 15 years to achieve. Only a small handful of chefs are inducted, and must be nominated by two other academy members.

"Tenacity, consummate professional, gentle lady: there was a saying during Nancy's apprenticeship that went something like this - "if you live through it; it makes you stronger". I submit to you that Chef Geddes is as strong a person as you will ever meet."
~ Steve Perkins, C.E.C.- VCA Chairman of the Board

"Nancy Geddes has been a consummate professional and guiding hand since I became involved with the Virginia Chefs Association. Her ambition, drive, knowledge and positive outlook has touched the careers of many culinarians, young and old in our field. Her acceptance into the American Academy of Chefs is the penultimate recognition of someone who has tirelessly given to her Chapter, National Organization and fellow Chefs. Congratulations Chef Nancy on your accomplishments past, present and future!"
~ Jonathan Brown-Vice President

"What an honorable achievement Chef Nancy. No one is more deserving of this accolade, and I must say it is very inspiring to hear of this great feat as one of our very own VCA members, let alone our President. I hear that we all have the keys to success in our hands, all you have to do is place the key in the lock and turn the key... You kicked that door down!"
~ Travis Brust C.E.C. - VCA Co-Treasurer

"Way to go Nancy! Way to be the Barracuda!"
~ Renny Parziale C.E.C., C.C.A., A.A.C. - VCA Co-Treasurer

"I cannot think of a Chef more deserving of this achievement. Chef Nancy is an amazing role model, not only to women like me, but to the entire profession. Her never compromising attitude towards ALWAYS doing the right thing is not matched by anyone, and I respect her deeply for that. The grace and empathy she has towards her peers, is remarkable. It's truly a privilege to be able to have such an amazing Chef to not only aspire to achieve that level of prestige, but to also seek her council. The major lesson she has taught me over the years, is that kindness and generosity is not to be mistaken with weakness, but rather a great strength that only resides in a select few, meant to achieve greater things."
~ Jacquelyn Shaddock, C.C.C. - VCA Secretary

"Nancy has maintained a level of professionalism that has become rare in any type of business today. Her passion for the culinary arts and her excitement is very infectious. She has definitely become the Pied Piper for the Virginia Chefs Association and without a doubt our biggest cheerleader. I cannot think of someone more deserving to become an Academy member. Congratulations Nancy!"
~ Win Goodier, C.E.C., A.A.C.- Board Member

"Chef Nancy! Your determination and tenacity are the role model for the next generation! Congratulations and continued success! Your friend and colleague!"
~ Hans Schadler, C.E.C, A.A.C.- VCA Board Member

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Congratulations Chef Nancy Geddes
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